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About ShipOnSite

About ShipOnSite

In 2003, John and Kathy Brewer created a business plan for a shipping and office center. The first ShipOnSite was opened in Rolesville North Carolina in November of the same year. Soon after opening, the Brewer's modified their business plan with the assistance of David Bissette to include eBay Trading Assistant Services. From that day forward they have stayed true to their business model. In doing so, they have found great success.

ShipOnSite offers a value-driven, well-delivered business opportunity having three profit centers:

  • ShipOnSite allows customers to price their shipping method and choose the carrier (FedEx, DHL, USPS, freight).
  • AuctionsOnSite is an eBay drop site and retail store which sells items on eBay and sends payment to the customer after the sale.
  • OfficeOnSite is a personal and professional service providing an office away from home.

Since 2003, ShipOnSite has seen extensive growth throughout North Carolina. In May 2005, ShipOnSite opened its Headquarters and Training Facility in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

ShipOnSite brings business back to the neighborhood. Having worked in corporate America, John and Kathy are excited to create an opportunity that takes customer satisfaction as a top priority and returns value, loyalty, and trust to customer service. ShipOnSite is and feels like a part of the neighborhood and delivers old-fashioned service with modern convenience.

ShipOnSite not only offers a true turnkey business opportunity, but features three revenue streams. All current owners are completely satisfied and working in their communities. The exciting thing about the ShipOnSite Management Team is that they are genuinely giving people an opportunity to have their own business with an idea that works. They sincerely offer guidance for ShipOnSite's business owners and enjoy giving each person the opportunity to fulfill their individual dreams and goals.