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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions by prospective eBay consignors.

What is selling on eBay?

Often we are asked, "What sells on eBay?" Practically anything of value. If you would feel comfortable regifting the item to a friend or fmaily memeber, and would spend $35 or more to purchase it in a retail store or antiques mall, you may have a GREAT eBay item.


Why should I use AuctionsOnSite instead of selling it myself?

AuctionsOnSite is easy and convenient. We are the eBay professionals and are well-trained in professional photography, ad copy, research, and customer service. Running an eBay auction can be labor intensive and involves a lot of emailing, and customer service. We deal with the details! Dropping off your items at AuctionsOnSite allows you to benefit from our Powerseller status.


How can I check the status of my auctions?

You will receive regular emails from our system regarding the status of your auction. You may also log in with your contract number and PIN to the website located at the top of your Seller's Agreement.


How long will my auction run?

You auction will typically run exactly seven days. Premium auctions run up to ten days in length.


How long will it take to get my check?

Items will be listed on eBay within two weeks. The auction runs for seven days. Winning bidders then have ten days to pay for the item(s). You will receive a check one to three weeks after the item ships.


What happens if my item doesn't sell?

If your item does not sell, AuctionsOnSite may elect to relist it a second time. We will then call you request a pickup. You have 15 days to retrieve your items. In the event that you choose not to pickup your items, AuctionsOnSite will donate them to charity in your name.


Why do you start your basic auctions at $9.98?

You will have more bidders and interest in your item if you start at a lower price. If you are uncomfortable starting your auctions at $9.98 you may upgrade to the Premium Service ($20.00 prepayment required which is applied to your account when the item sells).

AuctionsOnSite cannot guarantee that people will bid on your auction, but we make every effort to present your item with the best picture, description, title, keywords, and placement. AuctionsOnSite is legally required to sell your item to the highest bidder and will not be able to return the item to you if it sold for less than you think it is worth.


What if the item sells for less than $35?

Sometimes items do not perform to expectation. Unlike other consignors who set a $10.00 or $20.00 minimum commission, AuctionsOnSite will still write you a check for two-thirds of the sale price, less any eBay fees.


Why did you accept some of my items, but not all of them?

Due to eBay regulations and our own sensibilities, AuctionsOnSite will not sell sexually explicit material, some weapons, counterfeit goods, items deemed by the national postal carriers to be hazardous, or any other items outlined in eBay's prohibited items list.

It's also noteworthy that even though you can find just about anything on eBay, not everything on eBay sells for high prices. AuctionsOnSite has worked hard to identify items that will yield healthy returns for our sellers. Additionally, given handling costs implicit in most eBay transactions, AuctionsOnSite has focused on accepting and selling items that can be transported relatively inexpensively and safely.


What are AuctionsOnSite fees?

Unlike other consigners who charge 50% and other trading assistants who charge 42% of this, 38% of that... AuctionsOnSite has a simple, easy to calculate consignment fee. Each ShipOnSite is individually owned and operated, thus may charge a different fee schedule. Please check the location's website for more information.


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