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Financing Options Are Available

You have a choice of loans and leasing

We all are aware of the strain on the financial market. Some of you have already experienced loss of value in your retirement accounts that would have been enough to buy a ShipOnSite store.

The market is experiencing a withdrawal of epidemic proportions. Remember that this does not affect all banks. We work closely with banks that are looking for an opportunity to reward those of you that have good credit and want to start your new life as a business owner.

Banks are making business loans every day.

Leasing companies are leasing furniture, fixtures, signage, computers and other equipment to qualified candidates.

We will help you find the option or combination of options that works best for you.

We help you put your business plan together, contact the leasing companies, banks and other lending institutions and stay involved with you to help finalize funding.

Your 401k or IRA also can be used to fund your ShipOnSite store. We work with financial sources that can structure your 401K or IRA as a business investment. Your 401K can also pay you a salary during the start up phases of your business. The option is becoming popular with people who are tired of the uncertainty of the job market and have decided to own a business and take control of their own destiny. Invest in yourself and don’t trust the stock market or banks to decide your fate.

ShipOnSite has no financial interest with any of companies that we introduce to you and serve solely as an intermediary. You will make the final decision on the funding option that fits your budget.

Here is an example for funding your ShipOnSite store:

  •     Five year lease on your fixtures, furniture, signage and equipment $30,000
  •     401K or IRA $60,000
  •     Bank loan or cash $25,000

* you will need additional funding for start up cost of approximately $5,000 to $10,000