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Satisfied Owners

ShipOnSite has many owners who have taken advantage of the Ship On Site Business Opportunity and they are all SATISFIED OWNERS.


o brewer “Owning ShipOnSite has really been a life-changing experience. We are able to work closely with each customer, get to know them and go to work each day knowing we are giving quality service to each person that walks through the door. It's a truly gratifying business opportunity.”

John & Kathy Brewer - Wake Forest, NC

o borrells

“Ruthie and I have really enjoyed being ShipOnSite owners for the last two years. Our eBay business has been a blast! We enjoy all the unique items that are brought to us as well as the interesting people who bring them. And remember, we ship everything we sell on eBay, so we are our own best customer! John and Kathy have been tremendous mentors and the ShipOnSite model has proven to be successful for us.”

Jim & Ruthie Borrell - Southern Pines, NC

o parrish

“ShipOnSite provided us the unique opportunity to share the dream of owning a Business together, while allowing us to be individuals with our own areas of expertise.”

Jim & Terri Parrish - Washington, NC

o sipple

“John Courter and I are proud to have opened the first of many ShipOnSite stores in Ohio.  What a great feeling it was to have the first customer walk through the door!  Even more gratifying has been the frequent comment that people are really happy we are here.

Not only do we provide a convenient shipping alternative that offers the customer choices, we also make new friends ever day as they hear our honest, no pressure eBay selling approach.

Thank you to the John, Kathy, and entire staff at ShipOnSite for the opportunity to join a growing business model, for the detailed training and store set-up, and especially the invaluable follow-up support after we opened.

As we progress to helping other entrepreneurs open their own ShipOnSite store, we hope to follow their example.”

Chris Sipple - Boardman, OH