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ShipOnSite sets itself apart from the industry by providing a training program that is a “head above the rest.”

ShipOnSite University.

The ShipOnSite University is a web-based training program where a new store owner can learn the ins and outs of running ShipOnSite. This can be done from the comfort of their own home while their new ShipOnSite location is under construction. Each new store owner is given access to the ShipOnSite University soon after they sign. This program prepares new owners for the formal, hands-on training at ShipOnSite’s Corporate Headquarters & Training Facility in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

ShipOnSite 5-Day Hands-On Training.

During the 8-week ShipOnSite opening process, we will schedule a 5-day training at our Wake Forest Training Facility. During this week, a new owner will learn how to run their new ShipOnSite with confidence. Paperwork, computer navigation, and hands-on training are all covered in-depth during this period. This training process also includes the opportunity to “work” a live ShipOnSite location.

Opening Day & Set-Up Assistance.

We offer phone support while you are learning and adjusting to being a new ShipOnSite owner. A representative from the corporate office will be with each owner on the first day open to the public. We are able to assist with computers, equipment, software and act as general support.