How it Works


‘We Build It – You Own It’ is our tag line for new store owners.

The process for store ownership can take anywhere from eight to twelve weeks. During that period, we provide you with a business plan and support you with an array of tasks needed for a successful store opening. These tasks are covered with you at your initial meeting at one of our two corporate locations in Wake-Forrest, NC or Myrtle Beach, SC.

Location, Location, Location and Design! The three ‘L’s are a business and real estate term used to determine the preference consumers have with the experience they desire from a brick-and-mortar store. We consider many factors in helping you determine a good location for your store, including what drives a positive customer experience.

Things we consider with a positive customer experience:

  • Can a new potential customer easily find you?
  • Is there easy access and parking at your store?
  • Can customers easily run other errands from your store?

A ‘Yes’ answer to these questions helps increase a positive customer experience, which is what a store needs to be successful.

Design is the other factor we consider equally important for a successful store. We look at retail consumer purchasing patterns and optimize the layout of your store to achieve the desirable customer experience. The ambiance of the store also provides for a positive customer experience.

The first step to owning your very own ShipOnSite store starts with your initial contact. We’ll take the time to discuss your interest in owning a ShipOnSite store and provide you with an overview of the steps and process towards store ownership. We’ll then send you additional information in preparation for the second step.

The second step is an initial meeting at one of our two corporate locations in Wake-Forrest, NC or Myrtle Beach, SC. During this meeting, we’ll go over the details and process regarding store ownership.

This includes:

1. Business Plan:

We provide you with a business plan for your store.

2. Purchase Price:

We’ll review what’s included in your store purchase price and provide you with information on other startup costs that are non-related to the purchase price of your store. We’ll also discuss the payment schedule of your store purchase.

3. Tour:

You’ll receive a tour of the existing store location to show you what would be included in your Store Package.

4. Store Visits:

We’ll recommend and schedule a visit to approximately three ShipOnSite locations,  so that you can see different store layouts and sizes.

5. Timeline & Project Schedule:

We’ll discuss the following in further detail.

  • Timeline of your store opening.
  • Review your store project schedule and store owner’s checklist.
  • Selecting a retail space that would be optimal for a ShipOnSite store.
6. Store Design:

Once a site is selected, we’ll create a store floor plan, which includes a virtual walkthrough of the store.

Store Layout Example:

Click to view our Virtual Walkthrough:
7. Training:

We have a one-week training program that can be attended by up to four people at our ShipOnSite Myrtle Beach store.  This training takes place two weeks before your actual store opening.  Here you will be trained in the operations of your business including hands-on training in real time with the ShipOnSite Myrtle Beach customers.

8. Opening Day:

A crew from ShipOnSite will come to your location for one week to completely set up your store with signage, furniture, supplies, and all necessary equipment (down to your staplers).  We will also be with you on opening day.  After that, we remain available to you for the first 90 days of your opening for on-going training and support.

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